Google revenue rise 15% in Gemini era; Stresses on Fact Checking for AI-Content

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Google revenue rise 15% in Gemini era

Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, announced the financial results of the first quarter (Q1) of 2024, reporting massive revenues of $80.5 billion, a 15% increase year-over-year, exceeding Wall Street’s projections.

According to Search Engine Journal (SEJ), net income of the company was $23.7 billion, with diluted earnings per share of $1.89. Operating margins expanded to 32%, up from 25% in the prior year.

While major search engine Google managed a two-digit growth in key revenue areas, the main focus was on its AI developments, which CEO Sundar Pichai dubbed the “Gemini era”.

Google’s main advertising units, such as Search and YouTube, continued to drive growth. The advertising revenues were $61.7 billion for Q1FY2024.

Alphabet is consolidating all teams building the latest AI models under the Google DeepMind umbrella as part of their AI roadmap.

Concerns on AI-Content

Meanwhile, the Google team members got hands-on with Gemini to explore creating SEO-related content. However, their experiment led to concerns over factual errors when relying on AI tools without careful examination.

It has cautioned SEO experts and content writers that AI can generate factual errors. It stressed the need for human fact-checking before releasing AI-generated content in a recent episode of Google’s Search Off The Record podcast. It also said that outdated advice on SEO from AI models can be a real risk.

Human Oversight Still Critical

While the Google Search Relations team saw the potential for the content generated by AI, they stressed the importance of human fact-checking to prevent the spread of misinformation.

As the usage of generative AI increases, they cautioned that its result can’t be blindly trusted without proper verification from experts in the subject matter.

While the latest AI-powered tools can potentially aid in content creation and analysis, as Google’s team illustrated, a healthy degree of skepticism is warranted.

Blindly putting generative AI to create content can result in uploading outdated or misleading information that could negatively impact your reputation and SEO practices.

Inaccurate artificial content can impact SEO efforts

Using AI-generated content for your business website can prove risky for SEO because the AI might include incorrect and outdated information.

Major Search engines like Google favour top-quality, and accurate content, so publishing unverified AI-created material can hurt the search rankings of your website. It’s important to carefully verify and validate AI-generated content with the field experts to ensure it follows current industry best practices.

To ensure the accuracy of AI-generated content, companies should:

  • Have a thorough review process involving subject matter experts
  • Have specialists check that the content follows current guidelines and industry best practices
  • Carefully check any data or recommendations from the AI against reliable sources
  • Update yourself with the latest happenings to identify outdated information produced by AI.

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